Residential Landscape Lighting Series

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This course covers 5 essential areas of Residential Landscape Lighting Design. Each module will provide you with comprehensive learning materials which will help you provide successful design solutions.

Design Considerations
Lamps and Luminaires
Design Techniques
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Module 1 - Design Considerations
In this module, you'll learn all about the importance of lighting residential spaces. Ensuring the property is safer, it shows consideration for guests approaching the house, and it just adds drama with soft glowing lights, tree shadows, or an illuminated pool.

Module 2 - Lamps and Luminaires
In this course, you'll learn about landscape lighting lamps and luminaires. We'll look at the three most commonly used lamp types in residential lighting—incandescent, halogen and LEDs. You'll also learn about specific luminaire types, like decorative pathway or accent lights.

Module 3 - Design Techniques
This course will teach you all about residential landscape lighting techniques, from accent lighting to area lighting. You'll also get up to speed on design techniques such as shadowing, spot lighting, silhouetting and more

Module 4 - Analysis
Throughout the course you'll learn how to analyze and lay out landscaping lighting systems for residential applications. You'll learn basic techniques for analyzing different areas and lighting, like spot accent lighting, flood lighting and more.

Module 5 - Design Implementation
You've already learned a lot, from the importance of lighting a residential landscape to lighting techniques to lighting analysis. Now you'll learn how to understand some of the issues found during the final phase of design and implementation.
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