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Maintaining a sufficient water supply and managing stormwater runoff are two of the biggest issues surrounding the world’s ever shrinking freshwater reserves. Rainwater capture offers an all-in-one solution to each of these problems by providing an alternative source of water, as well as reducing the impact to local stormwater infrastructure. Although the world’s population and freshwater consumption continue to grow, only 1% of the water supply on the planet is available for use, a number which remains constant and will begin to decrease if demand is not balanced. Rainwater capture is currently one of the best ways we can tip the scales back in our favor.
In this course participants will learn the importance of rainwater capture by focusing on the issues surrounding stormwater runoff and supply and demand. Utilizing current data and statistics, they will be shown a convincing argument for immediate action. In addition they will learn some of the types of rules, regulations, and rebates that are currently being instilled by local municipalities and governments to help alleviate some of these issues. Finally, this course will take participants through the evolution of rainwater capture from ancient cisterns to the most current methodology.
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Sustainable Development & Design
Water / Stormwater Management
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Learning Outcomes
• Identify the two main issues concerning our freshwater reserves:
o Supply and demand
o Stormwater runoff
• Identify why rainwater capture, storage and reuse are important tools in a growing world population
• Identify what action is currently being taken by some governments and municipalities to help alleviate the issues surrounding freshwater reserves and stormwater management.
• Identify the different types of rainwater capture and stormwater management techniques that have been used for years, and the most current and effective systems being utilized today.
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