Cross-Connection Control

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This course is designed to landscape architects with continuing education credits for occupational license renewal. Definition of terminology associated with cross-connection control and review of the hydraulics of backflow conditions insure public awareness and knowledge of the importance of protecting our critical infrastructure and key resources, which affect public health and safety and welfare.

The course identifies the risks and types of contaminants associated with backflow including approaches to cross-connection control. Identification of the responsibilities in an effective cross-connection control program illustrates the importance of effective authority, public education, training and certification, testing, inspection and maintenance of water distribution systems.
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Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
* Understand the importance of public health and safety in plumbing systems.
* Explain how cross-connections may exist.
* Define terminology used in reference to backflow and backflow prevention.
* Explain the types of cross-connections.
* Identify backsiphonage, backpressure and backflow conditions.
* Knowledge of the importance and structure of the Homeland Security Act.
* Explain the public safety and health risks associated with backflow.
* Identify contaminants associated with backflow.
* Evaluate the costs associated with backflow.
* Explain preventative methods for cross-connection control.
* Understand preventive measures and devices for cross-connection control.
* Discuss the importance of inspecting and testing backflow prevention devices.
* Define the responsibilities in a cross-connection control (CCC) program.
* Recognize examples of ordinances, rules, forms, and procedures in a (CCC) program.
* Identify possible indicators of backflow incidents.
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