How to Specify a Living Green Wall

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Living green walls are beautiful architectural elements that provide research-documented benefits to building occupants, including those associated with biophilic design such as increased well-being, productivity, and accelerated recovery from stress. This course discusses those benefits and identifies factors that need to be considered by building ownership and design teams during the design process. This course also identifies the specific roles of the design team members critical to the success of a wall’s performance and sustainability, critical specification considerations, and budget considerations. The course concludes with case studies of a variety of exterior and interior living wall systems.
Presented upon request in various cities throughout the U.S., CA
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Business Practices / Contracts / HR
Campus Planning & Design
Development Trends
Energy Conservation / Renewable Energy
Healthcare & Therapeutic Design
Horticulture / Plants
Housing & Community Design
Project Management
Residential Design
Site Planning
Sustainable Development & Design
Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
#1: Participants will learn the names of the four key elements critical to the performance and sustainability of a green wall system and learn the features that differentiate the various categories of living wall systems.
#2: Participants will learn the evidence-based impact biophilic design and access to nature have on human well-being and productivity.
#3: Participants will understand the design considerations that affect green wall specification, including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, lighting and horticultural.
#4: Participants will be able to identify the professions and roles of the key consultants in green wall design and planning.
Mary Golden, Janice Goodman
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Green Plants for Green Buildings

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