DART: A Bullseye in Main Street Revitalization

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Tom Hurlbert, AIA, LEED, GGP, & Spencer Sommers, AIA, will explore the role of architects as economic drivers and consider how they can use their expertise to inform and shape policies related to urban design, economic growth, and community development. Specifically, Hurlbert/Sommers will illustrate strategies for earning public buy-in and how architects can move from being professional service providers into visionary leaders of long-term, public-policy discussions. Telling the story of DART (Downtown Aberdeen Revitalization Team), a group founded and managed by an architect, banker, and lawyer, and financed by 20+ private investors, Hurlbert/Sommers will delve into the conversation of why profit is not always a dirty word and how economic revitalization can be spurred through community buy-in and private investment.
Des Moines, IA
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Health, Safety and Welfare
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Identify Strategies for Community Buy-in: Participants will examine how multi-disciplinary cooperation can positively affect community morale, health, safety, and economic development.
Apply Urban Design as an Economic Development Tool: Participants will explore how private investment can act as an engine for economic growth and how the implementation of modern code compliance on historic buildings can lead to new residential and commercial spaces.
Analyze the Role of Architecture in Community Development: The presentation will explore how properly rehabilitated historic buildings can lead to safer environments, healthier communities, increased momentum and social interaction, and long-term economic health for the community.
Plan Equitable Access in Community Projects: Participants will examine ways to ensure equitable access to new entry-level, affordable spaces.
Tom Hurlbert, AIA, LEED, GGP,
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AIA Iowa

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