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Visit this Oakland Unified School District facility in West Oakland and join us for a discussion about how to increase access through collaborative design to healthy and safe environments and food in a neighborhood that faces a history of industrial pollution, urban blight, and food insecurity.

The concept design for the expansion of The Center landscape is the result of extensive outreach and research, and incorporates input and ideas from a range of stakeholders -including the land- and site users. The final design balances the diverse needs and desires of these different constituents with the existing environmental challenges on site and the needs of The Center’s Nutrition Services and Education departments.

This field session will address how the site’s environmental challenges transformed into remediation opportunities that blend ecology, restoration and landscape architecture; and how urban agriculture is used as a key element in the design process to increase access to healthy food in a neighborhood that faces a history of industrial pollution and food insecurity. Attendees will learn about how to identify and balance the needs of all stakeholders, to envision the possibility of using landscape architecture to give back to the land, and to educate and empower the community through healing and restoration of the land.
Oakland, CA
Distance Learning
Course Equivalency
Agriculture / Local Food Production
Remediation / Brownfields
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Understand how to develop a collaborative design strategy
2. Learn about the collaborative design process and how to identify and synthesize the needs and desires of different stakeholder groups
3. Learn about the potential of urban agriculture and remediation strategies as key elements for environmental and social justice
4. Understand the role of Landscape Architects in giving back to the land, and educating and empowering vulnerable communities through healing and restoration of the land
1. Jennifer Ivanovich, Studio Director, BASE Landscape Architecture 2. Martha Clifford, Associate Project Manager, BASE Landscape Architecture3. Lisa Howard, Founding Principal of Bay Tree Design4. Kira Maritano, Senior Program Manager, Trust for Publi
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American Society of Landscape Architecture Northern CA Chapter

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