Art Masterplanning, Creative Placemaking and Public Art

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The importance of public art in cities
The speaker will set the table in establishing the cultural and economic values of public art in cities. A brief history of public art will be presented with historic and contemporary examples shown. A brief overview of governance and funding will be discussed as well as various implementation strategies. Finally there will be a discussion of roles with regards to community, arts consultancy, artist, and landscape architect. This introduction will end with a discussion of emerging multi-bene?t and multidisciplinary potentials through planning and collaboration.

Public art master planning and the creative placemaking process
Through the presentation of two Art Master Plans, this session will address incorporating creative placemaking and placekeeping into the plans’ development by sharing insights into how to engage public, private, non-pro?t, and community sectors to strategically shape the physical and social character of a new neighborhood or mixed use development through the public art programs.

The design, fabrication and installation of public art in the urban realm
Through the presentation of public art projects and an arts masterplan, this session will share insights into the design, fabrication and installation of public art in the urban realm. With a focus on the collaboration between the artist and the design team, this session will focus on public art that activates the public realm by creating spaces for formal and informal programming and activation.
Oakland, CA
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Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Understand how to develop a public art masterplan, relative to a larger site design and concept; tying together an underlying narrative of place.
2. How to incorporate placemaking, placekeeping, and engage stakeholders in the Art Master Plan
3. Learn about the public art commissioning, design, fabrication and installation process through the lens of collaboration between the artist and design team.
4. Understand the role of Landscape Architects in the planning and collaboration of public art.
1. David Fletcher, Founding Principal, Fletcher Studio2. Nataly Gattegno, Artist, Founding & Managing Partner of FUTUREFORMS3. Dorka Keehn, Principal, Keehn On Art
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