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This course explores various methods and design strategies to promote site sustainability. The course begins with a discussion on the relevant rules, regulations, certifications and resources before diving into greenfield development versus brownfield redevelopment, sustainable stormwater management, pollinator-friendly design, and walkability, micromobility and mass transit considerations.
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcome 1:
Learners will be able to discuss relevant rules, regulations, certifications and resources such as stormwater requirements and permitting, principles of low impact development, new urbanism, Sustainable Sites Initiative, and the aesthetic, energy-efficiency and health benefits.

Learning Outcome 2:
Learners will be able to define greenfields and brownfields, explain the advantages of greenfield development, and understand how to take advantage of brownfields and the existing infrastructure and connections for redevelopment and urban renewal.

Learning Outcome 3:
Learners will be able to manage stormwater through stormwater harvesting and reuse, infiltrating systems and rain gardens, as well as support native pollinators through pollinator friendly design and habitat restoration/enhancement.

Learning Outcome 4:
Learners will be able to explore strategies to connect the site to sustainable transportation options and discuss the environmental impact of these options, including sidewalks, trails, bike routes, e-bikes and scooters, mass transit and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
Dr. Jairo H. Garcia
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