An Introduction to Fitwel (RV-11406AW)

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Fitwel is a new building certification standard, promoted by the CDC and the Center for Active Design, which aspires to help design and construction professionals, building operators, and occupants of buildings to create and maintain facilities which promote evidence-based practices to promote better health outcomes. Fitwel seeks practical, economical interventions to promote health, productivity, and healthcare savings over time through its web-based scorecard with 60 benchmark criteria over 7 health impact categories: food, safety, physical activity, well-being, social equity, absenteeism, and community health. Come learn how to use and implement this new standard prior to its full launch at the end of 2017, as well as how it is similar and different from other ratings systems like WELL.
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Healthcare & Therapeutic Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
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1. Analyze the 7 health impact categories of Fitwel, which covers food, safety, activity, equity, well-being, community, and reduced morbidity/absenteeism.
2. Compare and contrast at a high level the various similarities and differences between Fitwel and other wellness-focused certification, including the WELL Building Standard.
3. Explain the process by which to implement Fitwel on an active project and how the various aspects of Fitwel increase productivity and health.
4. Describe the Fitwel Ambassador program, as well as drivers for the growing market demand for “fitter” buildings and communities.
Blake Jackson
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