Automated Exterior Shade and Shelter

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This course illustrates how motorized technology can control the effects of weather in outdoor spaces. This automation provides shade and shelter, therefore, enhancing the comfort of outdoor living.

Pergolas have provided a unique architectural element for hundreds of years. They have provided beauty and style to outdoor spaces, however, they have had little functionality with little protection from the sun or rain. Louvered roofs maximize outdoor living spaces by allowing us to bring the indoors out. These structures create shade from the sun, while enabling movement of air through the roof, making the space cooler in the Summer. Louvered roofs automatically close and provide shelter from the sun, rain and other weather elements for superior protection and convenience.
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Parks & Recreation
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1) Explain why louvered roofs are more efficient in controlling the environment versus traditional pergolas.
2) Identify and describe the design and construction of a louvered roof and how it provides safety for outdoor living.
3) Identify the components of the systems operations and why it's more functional and sustainable over time.
4) Describe the materials used and the advantages and benefits of them.
Amy Booker
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StruXure Outdoor, LLC (formally Arcadia Building Products, Inc.)

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