An Equitable Approach to Trail Development: Circuit Trails Gap Analysis

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The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) is working hard to grow the Circuit Trails network, adding trail miles and making the network more accessible and inclusive to more people.

As a Circuit Trails coalition leader, PEC knows that trail development is often opportunistic (the metaphorical “low-hanging fruit”) and is carried out by numerous trail builders. The result is discontinuous trails (gaps), and a lack of trail development in under-resourced communities. For this reason, while it is important to continue to expand our trail networks outward, it is sometimes more important to fill gaps within the existing trail network – gaps that may connect miles of trails to one another; provide trail access to under-resourced communities; and connect users to parks, transit, and jobs.

As a result, PEC developed the Circuit Trails Gap Analysis, a report and online mapping portal that ranks all 250+ unbuilt Circuit Trails segments according to their potential equity impact if constructed. Additionally, the Gap Analysis provides a framework for the buildout of the Circuit Trails network that prioritizes benefits to low-income, racially diverse communities and access to jobs, public transportation, and parks and recreation.

In this webinar, PEC coworkers and co-creators of the Circuit Trails Gap Analysis Zhenya "Z" Nalywayko and Helena Kotala will provide an introduction to the genesis, development, and implementation of the Gap Analysis, including a look at their online mapping portal and recent real-world case studies, hoping to inspire attendees from other trail groups/coalitions across the country who are looking to do the same type of analysis/planning.
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- Learn the important of JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion)
- Discover the importance of Trail Planning & Trail - - Learn the importance of ArcGIS Mapping
Zhenya "Z" Nalywayko, Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) Helena Kotala, Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC)
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