The Arc: Lifecycle Planning for Trees

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This two-hour course is intended to assist design professionals with planning for, utilizing and maintaining trees throughout their lifecycle. Specifically, the course discusses how to plan for tree canopy at the landscape scale, tree preservation during construction activities, standards for tree care, and urban wood waste reuse and recovery.
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Horticulture / Plants
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcome 1:
Learners will be able to discuss strategies for tree preservation during construction using planning and design processes.

Learning Outcome 2:
Learners will be able to plan for tree canopy at the landscape scale using remote sensing data and techniques and planning processes such as comprehensive plans and urban forest management plans.

Learning Outcome 3:
Learners will be able to identify the standards for tree care practices such as pruning, planting and tree risk management.

Learning Outcome 4:
Learners will be able to utilize urban wood waste reuse and recovery, and understand how it can be used to create a circular economy that helps support planting.
Michael Galvin, RCA
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HalfMoon Education Inc.

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