Urban Lighting Design: A look at Denver’s 16th Street Mall

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More than 80% of the US population lives in an urban environment. Vibrant and dense communities. Within those cities, humans have lost their significance within urban spaces to the need for infrastructures dedicated to vehicular traffic.

This session will focus on how the city of Denver – pioneers of the urban pedestrian mall concept – have reimagined the infamous 16th Street Mall and the approach to lighting the space to better address the needs of the human inhabitants using the space.
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Explore the original lighting design of the 16th Street Mall and the goals that were set in place for both day and nighttime space activation.
Discuss the evolution of the 16th Street Mall and how both the lighting design and the luminaire itself has changed which has led to significant repercussions for the space.
Discuss the approach that was taken to reinvigorate and energize the pedestrian mall space and how the new luminaire design needed to work within the space to accomplish these goals.
Examine the impacts that this new lighting design has on the space and how it will continue to evolve overtime and what the future holds for this pedestrian space.
Discuss how the 16th Street Mall, an early adopter of a pedestrian mall, has set the precedent for other pedestrian centric spaces.
Kayla Galecka, 84
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