Study, Action, and Reflection: Increasing the Diversity of Trail Users and Supporters

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The Circuit Trails Coalition consists of diverse trail organizations representing Philadelphia and the surrounding eight counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Over the past 5 years the coalition’s goal has been to build a network of 500 miles of trails by 2025. A recently published Circuit report stepped back from this objective to explore the motivators and barriers to accessing existing trails in communities of color adjacent to the Circuit Trails network in four cities: Philadelphia, Camden, Trenton, and Norristown.

This webinar will examine the study’s methodology and findings including trail residents’ needs, interests, and apprehensions in their daily lives, and how that connects to their awareness, impressions, and experiences with nearby trails and outdoor public spaces. The presentation will review 10 recommendations trail partners can take to improve the trail experience to better connect people to the trails and to the outdoors and give examples of how these recommendations can be put into action.
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- Making the case using evidence to support actions
- Understand the importance of methodology
- Actions that reflect recommendations
William Fraser, Transportation Project Manager, Clean Air Council Eleanor Horne, Co-President, Lawrence Hopewell Trail
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