Garden Dialogues 2022: Minneapolis, MN

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Coen + Partners re-imagined the landscape of one of Architectural Record’s “Houses of 1964" to connect inside and outside, allowing the clients and their guests to move through the site easily. Mt. Curve exudes modernist design: clean lines, simple materials, and intuitive movement through space—allowing for hosting both large and intimate groups. A main seating area, within a minimalist patio, is visible from the living room, and an outdoor dining courtyard is found immediately beyond the indoor dining room. A private garden, located off the master bedroom, offers a secluded, calming space.

Each of the residence’s four main garden areas convey a distinct mood specifically tuned to the intended usage and accomplished through variations in material and planting palette. Screening along property edges was carefully considered: the babble of a water wall in the Living Room Garden provides an acoustical screen for traffic, and tall hedges on three sides of the property sufficiently screen neighboring yards. The property had several mature elm trees that unfortunately were removed due to disease—diminishing the sense of arrival and leaving the house front exposed. Coen + Partners restored the entry sequence by extending the horizontal lines of the façade with a level-planted zone from the front door to the sidewalk, and reintroducing vertical lines through newly planted allee of trees and understory plantings.

This Garden Dialogue will be led by Wanjing Wu of Coen + Partners.
Minneapolis, MN
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Horticulture / Plants
Housing & Community Design
Project Management
Residential Design
Site Planning
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Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Learn how successful landscape architects collaborate with their residential clients to identify and meet their needs.
2. Learn about the design process for developing the landscape and the planting plan.
3. Learn about appropriate plant selection for residential landscapes in this region and zone.
Wanjing Wu
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The Cultural Landscape Foundation

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