Making the Flood Zone Determination (RV-6494)

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Mention the words “flood zone determination company” to a floodplain manager, surveyor or engineer involved with floodplain management, and you are likely to hear a variety of questions about how and why flood zone determination companies make the decisions they do. This 3-hour online course reviews the research process used by these determination companies, gives you a hand at making determinations with the same information that map researchers use and provides information on the association that links the companies who do 90 percent of the determinations nationwide
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Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
By the end of this online course, you should be able to:

Explain the role of flood zone determination companies in the National Flood Insurance Program
Compare the regulations used by flood zone determination companies with the regulations typically used by local floodplain administrators
Recognize the basic steps used by flood zone determination companies when making a manual determination
Describe the types of information used in making the determination
Recognize common situations where discrepancies can occur between the flood zone determination and other property documents
Identify the mission of the National Flood Determination Association
Ann Yakimovicz
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