MON-DD2: Now What? How Resilience Becomes Reality

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SOLD OUTLandscape architects are playing leading roles in the design and implementation of climate adaptation projects in coastal setting in the Northeast. This panel, made up of the landscape architects, architects, engineers, and city representatives will discuss the challenges and lessons learned from the process of socializing city scale infrastructures.
Nashville, TN
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Share climate adaptation toolkits developed by landscape architects and engineers to address climate change in a diversity of waterfront settings in major urban areas.; Attendees will learn about specific regulatory and agency requirements that drive design decisions, how these requirements will affect future similar projects, and how designers can stay one step ahead.; Attendees will learn construction details, methods, and conventions that can be applied to similar projects to better integrate flood-risk reduction infrastructure into waterfront parks, plazas, esplanade, and streetscapes.; We will share with the audience techniques used to integrate community and stakeholder goals and requirements into flood-risk reduction projects, both during the engagement process and ultimately in design solutions.; Attendees will understand planting criteria and performance requirements around FEMA certified flood-infrastructure, and how maintenance and access concerns can be mitigated.
Hogan Edelberg, ASLA; Andrew Lavallee, FASLA; Travis J M Bunt, AIA; Wael Youssef, PE; Alexis Taylor
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