SITES Section 2.2: Conduct a Pre-Design Assessment

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Section 2.2, conduct a pre-design site assessment, guides the integrated design team in maximizing opportunities for optimal site performance. This section is like the spine for the project through the certification process because at this stage the team looks ahead to determine potential opportunities. It requires a detailed assessment of the site's conditions and allows the integrated team to explore options for sustainable outcomes before the design process begins.
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Learning Outcomes
1. Understand how to map and asses existing site conditions according to the outline in the submittal documentation section.
2. Identify opportunities for sustainable outcomes for the project site and how they may affect the design.
3. Analyze how the pilot project examples utilized section 2.2 to map out the strategy of their project design with emphasis on particular topics.
Linette Straus, ASLA, SITES AP; Lisa Kunst Vavro, ASLA; Lisa Cowan, ASLA, SITES AP; CeCe Haydock, ASLA; David Cutter, ASLA, SITES AP; Keven Graham, FASLA; April Philips, FASLA
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