Soil Mechanics, Bearing Capacity and Slope Stabilization

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This is a 6.5 hour live lecture presentation with the instructors and students together in the same room. It will be conducted in a handicap-accessible conference room with ample seating space and writing surface for all attendees. Bound written materials, authored by the faculty, will be distributed to all participants at the program. Attendance will be monitored and reported to LA CES.

This course covers soil investigation and classification, hydraulic and mechanical properties of soils, determining and increasing bearing capacity, and determining and increasing slope stability.
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Learning Outcomes
Learners will be able to recognize the importance of understanding soil properties, be able describe various methods of soil investigation, and be able to explain how this knowledge is relevant to site development.

Learners will be able to discuss hydraulic and mechanical properties of soils and why understanding these properties impact site development and structures.

Learners will be able to calculate soil bearing capacity and describe strategies for increasing bearing capacity with drainage, compaction and soil improvement.

Learners will be able to differentiate natural and engineered slopes, explain basic concepts of slope stability, understand why slopes fail, and be able to describe slope stabilization methods.
Jeffrey Snyder
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