Native Meadow Design: An Intensive One-Day Workshop

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Demand for native meadows, particularly as an alternative to lawn, is increasing dramatically. That said, few planting types are more misunderstood, with many failures resulting from inadequate planning and the use of poorly adapted plants. Far better results can be obtained when the plants and processes used reflect the ecological character of our naturally occurring meadow communities. More than one- year wonders, meadows modeled on these ecosystems can provide long-term, easily managed landscapes that harbor a myriad of wildlife and provide color and texture throughout the year.
This in-person, all-day program will include indoor & outdoor components. Landscape Designer Larry Weaner will discuss the design, implementation, and management of native meadows. Landscape Designer Jenna Webster will explore important yet often lesser-known aspects of wildlife-sensitive meadow design and management methods, with an emphasis on birds and pollinators that rely on native meadow vegetation.
Ossining, NY
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Horticulture / Plants
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
-Understand how the ecological patterns of naturally occurring meadow communities can be applied to the designed meadow.
-Explore planting and management techniques for meadows with a particular emphasis on those techniques that differ from traditional practice.
-Explore wildlife-sensitive approaches to designing and managing meadows, emphasizing birds and pollinators that rely on native meadow vegetation.
-Learn how artistic garden design principles can be used in the meadow for visual effect and to create graceful transitions to more formal garden areas.
Larry Weaner, FAPLD & Jenna Webster
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New Directions in the American Landscape

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