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For many towns and cities, the identity can often be associated with the main downtown area. Historically this is the place where people with gather for shopping, eating, strolling or conducting business with banks, doctors or government agencies. Main Street is the place where we live, work and play. Over the last generation, Main Street has dissolved as the need to “go downtown” has been surpassed originally by shopping malls and more recently by big box retail. The communities with a thriving downtown have something in common. They’ve managed to enhance their identity by creating unique and versatile streetscapes with attractive amenities such as alfresco outdoor seating, shade trees and visually inviting and creative concrete paver patterns. These appealing streetscapes can be economic drivers for cities. A great streetscape can truly define a city and attract people. In this presentation, we will explore examples of streetscape trends and the impact of segmental concrete pavers as the main feature.
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Learning Outcomes
1. Identify firm, stable and slip-resistant paver elements for streetscapes to ensure the health and safety of road and sidewalk users.
2. Explain case studies of the latest trends to make streetscapes stand out and engaging for all users.
3. Evaluate textures, colors and patterns for updating the visual impact of streetscapes.
4. Understand how parklet options can quickly retrofit downtown streetscapes for added economic activity.
5. Learn how to layout paver patterns to fit special requirements and explain what to include in contract documents when laying out concrete paver areas.

Brad Swanson & Scott Black
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