Meaningful Placemaking for Outdoor Spaces: Best Practices for Design and Specification of Fabric

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Never before have human beings been so sedentary, nor spent so much time indoors. One obstacle to being outdoors is sun exposure - healthy in small doses but dangerous in large ones. This course offers shade creation techniques for designers, landscape architects, urban planners and park and recreation professionals. Tensile fabric structures elevate the value of outdoor space to a high degree. They can be purely functional or wildly imaginative. The designer’s imagination is the key. This course discusses the value of tensile fabric structures and the variety of applications for this exciting form of architecture. The factors that make up tensile fabric structures are discussed, including framing, fabric, connections, and foundations. The process of bringing a fabric structure from idea to implementation is thoroughly discussed. And case studies are inserted throughout to show these innovative structures in action.
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Learning Outcomes
Discuss the protective benefits of shaded outdoor spaces from UV rays for people, product, and places.

Describe the factors to integrate fabric structures into the built environment for safe and inviting spaces.

Define considerations in the specification of fabric shade structures and how shade structures are tested and rated for safety and longevity.

Identify the process for the successful design and implementation in various projects for producing a quality structure through a seamless process.

List several case studies where shade structures added aesthetics and functionality to a variety of market segments and applications.
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