Walks & Talks 2021: Lakeside Village with ArquitectonicaGEO

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Join ArquitectonicaGEO and learn about Lakeside Village at the University of Miami. This new 12.5-acre (540,000 sf), mixed-use student housing complex is comprised of 25 interconnected buildings to house 1,115 students. The site fronts Lake Osceola and features a lush, native tropical garden. The design objectives included delineating natural paths of travel, creating plazas and courtyards, reinstating a tropical landscape and designing a building that feels synchronous with the natural environment. Unlike a traditional housing facility, the village includes active indoor and outdoor spaces to facilitate engagement among the entire campus community.

A waterfront parking lot was transformed into a large common outdoor garden and green space. The creation of a ground-level outdoor tropical space for a students' common drove the decision to raise the housing and other buildings above the ground.

The project includes 25 extensive green roofs encompassing 60,000 square feet that act as heat and light sponges. Integrated rain gardens provide a habitat for native plants and wildlife as they collect rain water through downspouts coming from the green roofs.

More than 100 trees were harvested from the site before construction began and were replanted at three separate on-site nurseries. This contributed to more 1.5 football fields worth of tree canopy. Limestone boulders were excavated to make room for the buildings’ foundations and were repurposed throughout the site. Some of the limestone boulders became benches and others are featured in the rain garden. This became an ingenious way of creating iconic functional pieces for the site’s character.

The village activates the surrounding area and highlights the lush greenery of the campus and it adds to the sense of community for those who live, work and learn there.

About ArquitectonicaGEO:

ArquitectonicaGEO is an independent and award winning Landscape Architecture and Planning Studio, where landscape architecture and architecture designs merge to create beautiful, functional and resilient solutions. Founded in 2005 by Laurinda Spear and Margarita Blanco to design contemporary, technologically informed landscapes based on the principle of preserving a location’s geographic character - the entire combination of natural and human attributes that make one place distinct from another - an authentic design process that preserves the ecological and cultural environment.

This Walk & Talk will be led by ArquitectonicaGEO Vice President Ben Hutchens and project manager Ana Faria and include ArquitectonicaGEO Director Margarita Blanco and Founding Principle Laurinda Spear.
Coral Gables, FL
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Campus Planning & Design
Green Roofs
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Housing & Community Design
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Learning Outcomes
Learn how successful landscape architects interpret their local urban landscape.

Learn about the role of landscape architecture in creating a cohesive urban design.

Learn about the evolution of landscape architecture in an urban setting.

Learn about work that advances the idea of “connectivity” (e.g. natural systems, cultural lifeways, transportation networks, watersheds).
Ben Hutchens, Ana Faria, Margarita Blanco, Laurinda Spear
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