Ecosystem Services and Green Infrastructure: Understanding Valuation, Benefits, and SITES v2

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Trends in sustainable design and resiliency require landscape architects to be versed in ecosystem services and measurable benefits. Green infrastructure provides opportunities for valuing natural and built systems. The expert speakers will provide their insights and case studies for design and maintenance strategies, including the SITES v2 framework.
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Gain insight into the public goods nature of natural ecosystems and the flow of benefits concept.

2. Understand how monetary values for ecosystem services are derived, and the benefits and pitfalls of that evaluation.

3. Learn which financial benefits of green infrastructure are being targeted the most widely by municipalities and design teams.

4. Apply the ecosystem services and green infrastructure benefits strategies to the SITESv2 framework and certification including prerequisites and credits.
Lisa Cowan, ASLA, SITES AP; Martha P. Sheils; Rachel Bouvier; Marla J. Stelk
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