Lawns, Leaves, & Laws: Practical Pathways Toward Lawn Alternatives & Ecological Turf Cultivation

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Many now recognize that the dominance of manicured lawns in many of our landscapes is environmentally harmful. That said, many homeowner’s associations and municipalities are regulating front yard plant heights and store shelves are still stocked to the brim with pesticide products composed of harmful chemicals. An environmental law professor, two ecologists, and an organic turf expert will share practical ways to overcome these hurdles and create more ecologically beneficial landscapes. Their short presentations will be followed by an extensive roundtable discussion and audience Q&A enriched by their interdisciplinary perspectives.
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Residential Design
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Learn why a local government might prohibit vegetable gardens and tall native plantings in front yards, and ways that those laws can be challenged.
Learn about how meadows can act as a lawn alternative and the municipal guidelines often involved in the process.
Learn about organic turf cultivation and management for the portions of landscapes that need lawn-like areas for activities like sports and residential living.
Sarah Schindler, Rod Simmons, Nancy Lawson, & Chip Osborne
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New Directions in the American Landscape

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