Connecting Clients to Landscape Through Photography

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Like people, plants and gardens express changing moods and personalities. Visit them at the right time and they’ll be filled with romance, whimsy, or mystery. Visit on the wrong day and you might face a boring afternoon that taxes your creative soul. Master garden photographer Rob Cardillo will illustrate how we can best predict and find these fleeting moments, such as finding the inner beauty in a wet and gloomy meadow. Mark Weaner is an iconoclastic photographer with a unique vision and set of techniques. He will continue the session by illustrating how images can go beyond literal depiction and connect clients to their feelings about a place, bringing their attention to aspects that had been previously unnoticed or even helping them see the “familiar” in a new light. Finally, an informal session will allow our presenters to “compare notes” and participate in a three-way conversation with session participants.
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Learn how to create more compelling photos by better understanding a few principles of lighting and design.
Utilizing multiple perspectives for how an image may convey our surroundings.
Learn alternative approaches to capturing imagery, and gain an enhanced understanding of different ways an image might connect with an audience.
Rob Cardillo & Mark Weaner
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New Directions in the American Landscape

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