Leslie Sauer: Been There, Done That. Here’s What I’ve Learned (Interviewed by Larry Weaner)

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Our conversation will cover the revolutionary professional road that Leslie has traveled from her studies at the University of Pennsylvania under Ian McHarg, through her 25 years as founding partner of the groundbreaking Landscape Architecture firm Andropogon and Associates, to
her present day activism on the underappreciated importance of Proforestation in ameliorating climate change. Leslie Sauer tends to speak her mind, and the informal format of this session will afford her the opportunity to candidly reflect on a storied career that has spanned the entire trajectory of the modern landscape ecology movement.
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To learn about the history of the modern environmental design movement from one who was a major influence on that movement.
To get an insiders account of the establishment, growth and legacy and of the influential ecology-based landscape architecture firm of Andropogon and Associates, of which Leslie Sauer was one of the founders.
To learn about some of the less discussed, but crucial aspects of climate change amelioration as it relates to activities of the worlds of landscape design and restoration ecology.
Leslie Sauer & Larry Weaner, APLD
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New Directions in the American Landscape

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