The Importance of Failure in Play

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Failure is an inevitable part of life. By creating play spaces that push boundaries in thinking and stretch the limitations of our bodies we create a safe play to explore our failures and learn great things about our growing selves and our budding potential in the process.

Detailed Summary:
What if failure was viewed differently in our society? What if instead of seeing disaster, we saw opportunity, we saw growth, we saw an expansion of knowledge and experience? What if allowing our children to fail more often and more freely made them better people? What if we encouraged failure and all the emotional turmoil and hurt that goes along with it? Would our society be better for it?
In this session, we explore failure and society’s deep-seated views of its negative connotations. We ponder the negative effects of failure. And we wonder, what could we all gain by encouraging failure at a young age, in a safe space, surrounded by possibility.
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1: Understand the link between failure and success.
2: Reframe failure as a necessary life skill.
3: Learn to design aquatic play spaces that facilitate perseverance.
Melinda Pearson
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