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As the green movement grows, industry has begun to meet the demand for rigorous environmental documentation of many common building materials. Among these, the latest green initiatives are coming from the natural stone industry. Natural stone rates high on an environmental scale. Natural stone is recyclable, low maintenance, emits no VOC’s and is one of the most durable and most beautiful materials on the planet. In the past decade, this industry has increased its commitment to sustainability through the development of a new life-cycle assessment combined with a chain of custody material certification approved by the American National Standard Institutes (ANSI), and the National Center for Sustainability Standards (NSC). The ANSI/NSC 373 will transform the material selections of natural stone and transform the stone industry.
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1. List the components of a new sustainable certification standard ANSI/NSC 373, which provides a life-cycle analysis (LCA) for dimensional stone products.
2. Define the various components of an LCA.
3. Discuss how compliance to ANSI/NSC 373’s national and international requirements for environmental, ecological, human health, and social responsibility in stone quarrying and production satisfies the growing demand for sustainable product declarations.
4. Describe how the components of ANSI/NSC 373 are aligned with green building rating systems, such as LEED and the Living Building Challenge.
5. Explain how the Chain of Custody Standard (NSC COC) for natural stone products ensures the traceability of certified stone throughout the supply chain, from quarry to gate.
Celeste Allen Novak
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