The Main Attraction_Transform Your Community Pool With the Waterpark Model

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As you can appreciate, swimming and wading pools are so essential to attracting new families and maintaining the vitality of a park or other community space. Whether they date back to the 70s or were more recently built, sooner or later they’ll be in need of updating. A major pool overhaul, however, can be daunting for many municipalities, especially in terms of cost.
But there’s another solution that doesn’t involve any major reconstruction and can be cost effective, easy to implement and can rejuvenate that old pool and have it back in action in no time at all. Why not consider refreshing your pool by adding new and attractive water play features and elements in or around it? Or go big with an aquatic play structure? Hundreds of municipalities have taken the plunge and added loads of play value with these simple additions that can fit into your budget and your pool’s normal maintenance schedule. You can usually just walk the elements in, hooking up to existing infrastructure can be simpler than you think.
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- Upon completion of this session, the participants will understand pool basics and the ABCs of refurbishing
- Learn the benefits of installing individual or multiple play features
- Will gain an overview of different play elements that can leave the biggest impact on communities.
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