Natural Landscape Design: Session 1

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This virtual session will illustrate a step-by-step process for designing landscapes that utilize site-adapted native species and incorporate the ecological processes that govern their establishment and proliferation in the wild. Specific emphasis will include analysis of site conditions, analysis of the site history that led to those conditions, plant characteristics that are crucial to ecology -based design but seldom included in horticultural references, and guidance for incorporating succession into the design. Intersession Assignment: Formulate a design based on the information provided in Session 1. Students are encouraged either to select an actual project that they have been contracted to develop, or their own home landscape. This session includes an hour of Q&A time with the instructors.
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Horticulture / Plants
Site Planning
Health, Safety and Welfare
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Examine the spatial patterns that occur in wild plant communities and learn how express those patterns in the designed landscape.
Learn to design landscapes that are high in ecological function through the inclusion native plants and multiple habitat types including meadow, shrubland, woodland.
Learn to connect the theory of ecology-based design with real world conditions through the assignment and review of selected individual student design projects.
Larry Weaner and Andy Brand
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New Directions in the American Landscape

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