Prairie-side Chats | Part 3: Gerould Wilhelm, PhD Interviewed by Larry Weaner

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Dr. Wilhelm is one of America’s foremost botanists. He co-authored the definitive volume,
Flora of the Chicago Region (2017), developed the widely used “Floristic Quality Assessment”
method for plant community analysis, founded the innovative non-profit “Conservation
Research Institute,” and performed innovative research on the relationships between cultural
practice and landscape ecology. His academic accomplishments are complemented by the
many projects he shepherded to fruition as a principal with the pioneer landscape architecture
firm Conservation Design Forum in Lisle, Illinois. Dr. Wilhelm’s sharp intellect, nonconformist
perspectives, and vast field experience are sure to produce a stimulating, enlightening, and
even paradigm-altering session.
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Horticulture / Plants
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
To demonstrate how collaborations between ecologists and landscape designers can benefit landscape and restoration projects.
To stress the importance of field observation and analysis to the success of ecologically oriented landscape projects.
To foster an understanding of the inseparable links between culture and ecology, and how those historic and contemporary links can inform the work of landscape practitioners.
Dr. Gerould Wilhelm & Larry Weaner, FAPLD
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New Directions in the American Landscape

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