Prairie-side Chats | Part 1: Piet Oudolf Interviewed by Larry Weaner

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An accurate professional suffix for this session’s guest could be “Piet Oudolf, MADOP” (Most
Acclaimed Designer On Planet). Despite being self-taught, Piet has been awarded some of the
garden world’s highest honors and designed plantings for some of the world’s most admired
contemporary gardens (the Lurie Garden in Chicago, the High Line in New York City, etc., etc.,
etc.). What are his criteria for selecting and arranging plants? What does he mean by terms
like “purposeful abandon” and “emotion” in the garden? And what role does ecology play in his
horticultural endeavors? Larry and Piet will explore these and other topics, and compare notes
on how they direct the planting and management of their designs in the real-world context of
disturbance, deadlines, and weeds.
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To illustrate how mixed native and exotic plants can be displayed in balanced herbaceous compositions that are both gardenesque, and reflective of nature's spatial patterns and intermingled arrangements.
To illustrate the thought process behind the creation of aesthetic cohesion around a series of artistically complex plant compositions.
To clarify the relationship between high art and high maintenance in the landscape garden.
Piet Oudolf & Larry Weaner, FAPLD
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New Directions in the American Landscape

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