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Part One | Specifications for Restoration-Scale Projects - Rebecca Kagle, Andrew Korzon
Many ecology-based field techniques run counter to traditional practices and are unfamiliar to
even highly experienced contractors. Consequently, highly precise specifications are crucial.
This presentation will cover the documentation of field procedures unique to ecological design
and restoration such as phased planting, meadow seeding, and weed control procedures. We
will also discuss organizational formats for specifications that distinguish between short-term
and longterm management and balance the need for both detail and usability.
Part Two | Reconstructing Tallgrass Prairie in Urban and Suburban Spaces: Two Case
Studies - Scott Woodbury
Tallgrass prairie reconstruction from seed on damaged urban and suburban soil is a practice
poorly understood by most landscape personnel. A seeding specification can lay out a blueprint
for planning, site preparation, installation and maintenance, but it is dependent on an engaged
and informed team of people, from leaders to weeders. Seeded landscapes are so complex that
simple mistakes can be made that result in significant setbacks or failure. This session will focus
on how to plan, implement, and manage successful commercial seeded projects.
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Learning Outcomes
Examine a series of planting techniques that maximize the successful establishment of landscapes at a variety of scales.
Gain familiarity with an ‘ecological process’ based approach to landscape management that reduces the inputs required to achieve and preserve the designers’ intent.
Learn how to create precise written specifications for planting and management documents that balance the need for detail and clarity.
Outline the optimum project team structure to include owners, managers, and experts that determine the vision, inform decision-making, and set expectations during the planning and
implementation phases.
Discuss the components of successful project outcomes to include project planning,
specifications, contractors, and education. -Understand the site prep steps and conditions necessary to successfully carry out prairie reconstruction seeding.
Rebecca Kagle, associate ASLA, Andrew Korzon, PLA, & Scott Woodbury
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