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Part 1 | City Landscapes: Public Space Touches Nature

Piet Oudolf

Expressing nature’s outward form is what we call “naturalistic”, but incorporating nature's intricate patterns, textures and interactions can provide designers with even deeper sources of inspiration. In this presentation landscape design icon Piet Oudolf will discuss how he translates these ecological principles to highly artistic gardens on the human scale, and how those landscapes transform over time.

Part 2 | Conversation and Q&A

Claudia West
Piet Oudolf
Larry Weaner

Planting Designer Claudia West will initiate the conversation by emphasizing the importance of ongoing dialogue between designers when considering the roles of ecology and art in their planning and collaboration processes. She then will join Larry and Piet to compare notes on their extensive experience in naturalistic garden creation. Questions from attendees are encouraged and will be folded into the conversation.

Part 3 | How Ecological Research Can Nourish the Art of Garden Design

Larry Weaner, FAPLD

Ecological research is commonly performed relating to the plant characteristics, species interactions, and vegetative trajectories of native plants and plant communities in the wild. The data that results can be of tremendous value to designers who seek to bring native plants and ecological processes into their art. Larry will draw a direct line from research to garden by examining a series of designed landscapes that were significantly influenced by specific ecological research.
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Sustainable Development & Design
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Learning Outcomes
Learn how to translate ecological principles into highly artistic gardens and how they transform over time.

Understand the importance of dialogue between designers when considering art and ecology in the designed landscape.

Explore how research can inform garden design through analyzing a series of designed landscapes that were significantly influenced by specific ecological research.
Piet Oudolf, Larry, Weaner, & Claudia West
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