Embracing Cultures in Landscape Design

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Part 1 | Migrant Landscapes: The Evolving Life of America's Terrain

Wambui Ippolito

America’s landscape is radically altered with each new immigrant wave that breaks onto its shores. True environmental stewardship in the Anthropocene will occur when architects, gardeners and designers view themselves, their plants and work as migrants moving across the American landscape’s space and time.

Part 2 | Plants, People, and Places: Using Design Thinking to Build Anthropological and Ecological Resilience in Landscape Architecture

Diana Fernandez
Andrew Sell

Building upon principles rooted in landscape ecology, landscape heterogeneity presents an opportunity to embrace the concept of difference to build resilient and community-focused landscapes in practice. This dialogue exposes the interconnected relationship between ecology and the anthropological sciences. From the design of a public landscape to commemorate black culture, to increasing ecological complexity in urban and suburban systems through planting, landscape heterogeneity creates a platform for change within the doctrine and practice of designing landscapes.

Part 3 | Conversation and Q&A

Wambui Ippolito
Diana Fernandez
Andrew Sell

The day’s presenters will explore the place of personal and cultural history in public and residential landscape design from both the designer’s and client’s perspective. They will also take questions from attendees.
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Learn how landscape architects, designers, and gardeners can view themselves and their work in the American landscape with the concepts of migration, time, and space in mind.

Understand how landscape heterogeneity can help build resilient and community-focused landscapes.

Explore the interconnected relationship between ecology and anthropology in urban, suburban, residential, and commercial landscapes.
Diana Fernandez, Wambui Ippolito, & Andrew Sell
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New Directions in the American Landscape

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