The Use of Sustainable Materials in Public Furniture

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Sustainability in the design world has been a popular buzzword for several years now. But what does it really mean to design with a sustainable approach? When selecting a manufacturer, it is important to choose one that puts sustainability always at the forefront, from the very beginning of the design process, through the material selection and the actual manufacturing process. Sustainability is so much more than an afterthought – it should be the guiding principle in manufacturing. To be a
responsible landscape architect means to educate yourself on sustainable materials and methods, and to select a manufacturer who does the same.
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Site Planning
Sustainable Development & Design
Urban Planning & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Understand the importance of selecting the appropriate materials of street furniture for particular environments.
Learn about the traditional materials used in site furnishings and be able to compare and contrast them.
Learn about new alternative materials from a sustainability perspective.
Jan Surovic, Anthony Imbiscuso, Jana Tyrer
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