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Architecture-For-Health speakers to discuss surge capacity and health care preparedness for hazards responses and unforeseen eventualities.

Leading public health professionals, healthcare system administrators, designers, builders, and professionals in related fields will reveal collaborative strategies and case studies of innovative preparedness for patient surges due to unforeseen eventualities such as pandemic (COVID-19), contaminations, terrorism, natural disasters, and military attacks in the fall 2020 Architecture-For-Health Lecture Series, hosted by the Texas A&M University College of Architecture and the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health and the College of Medicine.

This Fall’s public lectures, “Surge Capacity: Health Care Preparedness for all Hazards Response, including alternative care settings and reinstituted shuttered hospitals” will take place most Fridays at 1:35 pm – 2:25 pm and will be delivered by Zoom.

The series is also offered as a one-hour credit course: ARCH 681 section 601 for graduate students, ARCH 481 section for 500 for undergraduates, and PHPM 681-600 for Scholl of Public Health students. If interested, please email Professor George J. Mann at or Judy Pruitt for the registration form.

“Administrators, architectural designers, and builders are responding to regional health needs by developing new, innovative healthcare facilities, technology and communications systems and networks that must be linked to the needs of people throughout our communities who are coping with the current pandemic and seasonal hurricanes”, said George J. Mann, lecture series coordinator and holder of the Ronald L. Skaggs, FAIA Endowed Professorship in Health Facilities Design. “Providers must respond to the need for easily accessible, quality health care, at a reasonable cost, which plays a crucial role in improving the health of regions and communities”.

The series is also coordinated by Zhipeng Lu, Assistant Professor of Architecture and Associate Director of the Texas A&M Center for Health Systems and Design; Jay E. Maddock, Professor of Public Health, Department of Environmental & Occupational Health; Bita A. Kash, Director of the University’s Center of Health Organization Transformation; and Luis Garibay, President of the Student Health Environments Association.

The lectures are sponsored by Ronald L. Skaggs ’65, Chairman Emeritus, HKS Inc., Adjunct Professor of Architecture, and Joseph G. Sprague’70, Principal, Senior Vice President, and Healthcare Director, HKS Inc., through the Skaggs – Sprague Endowed Chair of Health Facilities Design.
College Station, TX
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Learning Outcomes
1. Attendees will learn how disaster preparedness and health facility planning and design has evolved over the last 100 years.
2. Attendees will understand the interdisciplinary nature of health facility planning and design and the need for a common language, and understanding of current medical treatments.
3. Attendees will understand the health issues associated with unforeseen patient surges, current approaches toward medical treatment, and the programming, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of health facilities.
4. Attendees will learn to explore and evaluate health and hospital design through real-world case studies. Many of the speakers will present actual case studies of their completed behavioral health projects in detail.
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