Designing the Outdoor Room: Insights into the Planning and Value of the Activated Outdoor Space

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The purpose of this course is to provide inspirational tools that promote conversation and open minds (and funding) for more comprehensive outdoor spaces. We will examine the critical role that site furnishings and supporting technology play in meeting the unique and evolving needs of outdoor space, by presenting and exploring insights and solutions in a range of outdoor environments - from college, healthcare, and corporate campuses, to transit, living and recreational spaces. We believe outdoor space has the ability to connect people with nature and each other in meaningful ways and that this potential can be optimized with smart site furnishing and supporting technology applications.
Our goals are:
1) to present you with trends, data, and ideas that are influencing the use of site furnishings to optimize the potential and value of outdoor space.
2) to promote conversation that opens minds and supports funding for thoughtfully planned outdoor spaces.
3) to inspire you to apply the information presented here and realize the added value and wide range of benefits to your practice and the clients you serve.
Baltimore, MD
Distance Learning
Course Equivalency
Campus Planning & Design
Development Trends
Healthcare & Therapeutic Design
Housing & Community Design
Parks & Recreation
Residential Design
Site Planning
Sustainable Development & Design
Urban Planning & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes
A. Examine new thinking around site furnishing and their role in optimizing the value of outdoor environments.
B. Explore the evolving role of site furnishings in today’s evolving outdoor learning environments. (LEARN)
C. Explore the evolving role of site furnishings in today’s evolving outdoor work environments. (WORK)
D. Explore the evolving role of site furnishings in today’s evolving outdoor healthcare environments. (CARE)
E. Explore the evolving role of site furnishings in evolving outdoor public space and how they can respond to the prevailing needs of society as a whole. (PLAY, LIVE, TRAVEL)
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