Planting for the Future: Lessons from Wild Plant Communities

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New Naturalism is all the rage in modern horticulture and for good reason: gardens inspired by natural systems promote authentic connections between land, environment and humanity. In this era of purposeful and thoughtful gardening, planting is a powerful verb. Gardeners can celebrate the experience of bringing nature closer to home through expressions of wildness and intentional consideration of how plants grow over time. In this lecture brimming with examples from public and private spaces around the world, plantsman Kelly Norris strives to inspire audiences with practical and inspiring ideas for planting the world a more beautiful, functional place.
Charlottesville, VA
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Energy Conservation / Renewable Energy
Horticulture / Plants
Residential Design
Sustainable Development & Design
Urban Planning & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Attendees will learn about current challenges facing landscape horticulture in the era of climate change and mass extinction.
2. Attendees will come to understand why contemporary horticulture and landscape architecture needs realize a paradigm shift to one more universally focused on understanding plants and applying those ecological insights to landscape planning, design and management
3. Attendees will discover opportunities for enhancing their professional practice in design and management in the context of this new paradigm.
Kelly Norris
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