Advanced Project Management: Managing Project Teams (RV-11313)

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Successful projects are not delivered through technical expertise alone. It takes the ability to manage and lead teams and people effectively. The most successful project managers know how to build and maintain an environment in which both teams and individuals are motivated to do their best work. Founded on a wide range of research and real-life experiences, this interactive online course will help you understand how to develop and sustain effective project teams. You will learn tools, techniques, and tips you can add to your toolbox of people-management skills, enabling you to improve performance for yourself, your team, and the individuals on your project team.
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Project Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
List the four stages of team development
Describe the characteristics of each stage
Explain how effective leaders use this strategy to build more effective teams
State five actions a leader must perform when developing an effective team
identify how you can apply these actions in your own team
Recognize the characteristics of an effective leader, and list the six traits effective leaders have in common.
Describe what servant leadership is and identify how you can apply it to improve individual performance.
Define the situational leadership theory and apply it to project team members on your teams.
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