Site Engineering for Landscape Architects: Storm Water Management and Control (RV-10712)

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The acts of grading and controlling and managing storm water runoff are inextricably linked. Almost all site development projects result in the remolding and sculpting of the earth's surface as well as changes in surface character. These changes may significantly alter storm runoff patterns in terms of rates, volumes, and direction. Landscape architects and site planners must understand the consequences if these changes are to be effected in a safe, appropriate, and ecologically sensitive manner. This course provides an introduction to basic management principles and techniques, as well as potential problems caused by storm water runoff. The proper design of any management system requires an interdisciplinary approach, including professional expertise in ecology, engineering, hydrology, and landscape architecture.
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By the end of this course, you will be able to:
- Discuss the basics of storm water management, including managing storm runoff, understanding the hydrologic cycle and changes to the hydrologic cycle as a result of development, and understanding the functions of storm drainage systems
- Describe storm water management strategies, such as watershed-based storm water management and reducing imperviousness of surfaces
- Discuss soil erosion and sediment control, including soil erosion factors, and regulatory requirements for storm runoff management
- Describe erosion and sedimentation processes
- List erosion and sediment control principles
- Discuss erosion control measures, including runoff control practices, soil stabilization practices, and biotechnical measures
- Discuss sediment control measures, such as the use of sediment basins, sediment barriers and filter strips
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