Dynamics of Avian Migration

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The Migration course delves into deep detail on bird migration. A basic introduction on bird anatomy and physiology introduces the learner to the ecology and behavioral forces that drive birds to migrate. The mechanics, physiology and great feats of migration are discussed as well as the navigational methods. And finally, the impacts of humans on migration and conservation issues migrating birds face is discussed as well. Landscape Architects must consider wildlife beyond the property line of their sites. There are many animals including birds that are migratory in nature, which requires knowledge on migratory patterns and avian knowledge to properly design sites that address this migratory aspects. For example, the placement of wind turbines within migratory routes has had a tremendous bird kill of migratory birds. These aspects are discussed in order to provide a greater understanding of avian populations that may be located within a site and those which may migrate to the site on a season basis.
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1. Learn avian anatomy and physiology, adaptations for flight and survival, and mechanics of avian flight as a means to create adaptive design that is responsive to the avian needs including how wind turbines and other design can create bird kill.
2. Understand the ecological factors that drive migration, cues to migrate, and migration preparation behaviors to assist in recognizing key indicators of an avian population on a site, and provide how these ecological factors can push a stable population to migrate to new sites, if design impacts these factors.
3. Learn about the basics of bird migration including the major routes and flyways, navigational methods, strategies of different species in order to understand if a site has the likelihood of having migratory populations in order to properly design with these populations integral within the wildlife analysis.
Jennifer Tyrell, B.S. in Biology and Marine Science, Masters in Env. Studies
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