Practical Site engineering: Science and Techniques

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This is a 7.0 hour live lecture presentation with the instructors and students together in the same room. It will be conducted in a handicap-accessible conference room with ample seating space and writing surface for all attendees. Bound written materials, authored by the faculty, will be distributed to all participants at the program. Attendance will be monitored and reported to LA/CES.

This course covers the site project planning phase, the impact of soils on site management, site engineering for stormwater management and erosion control, site layout plans, earthwork safety, and site and project management .
Ann Arbor, MI
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Site Planning
Health, Safety and Welfare
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Learners will be able to detail the project planning phase of site development, including a feasibility study, surveys, geotechnical investigation, costs, regulatory requirements, and analyzing potential project blockages.

Learners will be able to explain the importance of understanding the role of soils in site development and for investigating soil characteristics, classification engineering properties, and slope stabilization on particular sites.

Learners will be able to reference stormwater pollution prevention regulations and apply acquired best stormwater management practices to prevent and control erosion and sediment.

Learners will be able to explain the skills needed and duties of the site and project management team (initiation, planning, execution, closure, quality control, budgeting, cost control, cash flow, setting goals, surface and groundwater and earthwork safety), and they will be able to assist in site layout planning (setting goals, surface and groundwater protection, selecting proper building materials and equipment).
Chris Zamaites
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