Smart Management: How to Handle Workplace Challenges (ST-0185)

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Regardless of how much effort an organization puts into creating an efficient and respectful work environment, challenging circumstances always arise. Rather than perceiving these problematic situations as a reflection of a personal or organizational failure, it is more effective to focus on establishing and following clear guidelines to resolve problems and appropriately handle workplace challenges. Whether your organization is currently facing a serious problem, or is seeking to put policies and procedures in place for the future, this interactive online course will guide you in handling the different challenges your organization might face. Instances for intervention including hostile behavior, substance abuse, and criminal activity will be discussed, as well as prevention and mitigation strategies for violation of workplace policies. While the types of challenges encountered in the workplace are too diverse to be discussed in one manual, this course will cover common types of problematic work situations most employers are likely to encounter.
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Discuss the situations that comprise a hostile work environment, including bullying, discrimination, and harassment

Explain the consequences of substance abuse in the workplace, and the benefits of implementing a Drug-Free Workplace

Discuss the different types of criminal behavior in the workplace, and functions of criminal background checks and credit checks

Describe prevention and mitigation strategies that an employer can take to ensure a healthy and safe work environment and protect employees and others from workplace violence
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