Sustainable Sites Initiative and the SITES® Rating System (RV-11103AW)

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This two hour interactive webcast introduces course participants to the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES®), which is an interdisciplinary effort and framework for the SITES® Rating System based on the concept of ecosystem services, or the benefits that people enjoy from healthy natural systems promoting sustainable land development and management practices. This course includes a discussion of the history and participating entities of the SITES effort. This course will also provide an in-depth study of SITES® Rating System national guidelines and performance benchmarks for soils, hydrology, vegetation, human health and well-being and materials selection for sustainable land design, construction and maintenance practices. This course will conclude with case studies of certified sites fostering resiliency, ecosystem services, human health, materials, soils/vegetation, and water.
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Site Planning
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
•Define the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES™)
•Identify the history and participating entities of the SITES effort that helps to create ecologically resilient communities
•Recognize the SITES national guidelines and performance benchmarks implemented to protect and enhance the benefits the pubic derives from healthy functioning landscapes
•List how the SITES initiative benefits the environment, property owners, and local and regional communities and economies
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