Using Reclaimed Materials in Hardscape Projects

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The presentation covers historic paving materials and how they can be used in today’s designs. A brief overview of the historic brick manufacturing processes and stone sources are provided. Information is provided on how these products may contribute to LEED & SITES credits. Both historic and modern installation methods of bricks and cobbles are outlined including permeable pavements applications. Options for ADA compliant installations are reviewed. Additional reclaimed materials such as curbing, stone sidewalk slabs, stone building elements and large stone block are also discussed. Samples of materials are circulated to understand the characteristics of the materials.
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Learning Outcomes
• Recognize and identify what reclaimed materials are reliably available for use in designs.
• Demonstrate how reclaimed materials can contribute to the historic sensitivity of projects.
• Select proper materials for various residential, commercial, and historic restoration projects.
• Specify installation methods for various reclaimed materials in a range of applications including ADA
• Identify project elements that can utilize reclaimed materials and may qualify for SITES and/or LEED credits.
Scott Smith, Affiliate ASLA, Experienced Brick & Stone
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