Managing Winter Trails: Increasing Opportunities and Adapting to Climate Change

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At the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, the US brought home its first-ever gold medal in cross
country skiing. A huge milestone in the sport, and now with a new inspired generation of cross
country skiers, how can we get them and keep them on the snow? How do we create equity in
opportunity for those with barriers to access winter trails? Non-motorized winter trail networks
exist throughout the US, and we will take the opportunity to gather the tribe of winter trail
specialists for this particular webinar, feature a few expert panelists from different parts of the
US, and invite a robust discussion. The content will touch on the universal issues of adapting to
climate change and building resiliency in operations, but also consider specific geographic
factors such as snow type and regional winter recreation culture. Underlying all of the tactical
discussion, we will frame the discussion in the bigger picture of land conservation and
This webinar is designed for the entire tribe of winter trails professionals, stewards, and program
providers of all levels of expertise from novice to expert. The discussion will be centered around
groomed winter trails for XC skiers, but will also address the importance of providing
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Learning Outcomes
• Apply various adaptations for climate change in management of non-motorized winter trails, and access resources specific to these adaptations.
• Identify challenges and create solutions to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion for winter trails.
• Better plan for and manage non-motorized winter multi-use trails, inclusive of XC skiing, snowshoeing, fatbiking, winter hiking, winter trail running.
• Understand the array of partnerships in place across the country in support of winter trail systems
• Diversify programs to add resiliency to operating plans for winter trail systems
• Explore best practices and unique case studies in winter trail stewardship and land conservation
• Access additional networking opportunities for peer-to-peer learning post webinar
Laurel Harkness with Society of Outdoor Recreational Professionals, Hansi Johnson with Minnesota Land Trust, Lori Hauswirth with Noquemanon Trail Network, and Gabe Perkins with Mahoosuc Pathways
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