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The purpose of the course is to expand skills and knowledge of business leadership, development,
and management. Best practices will be shared on critical topics including: office management,
business operations, personnel management, marketing/business development, leadership
development and training, staff career development, ownership transition strategies, and strategic planning. Industry leaders will discuss business development trends, and internal/external influences impacting the industry. A special focus will be on the future of the profession, developing future leaders, and changes required in academia to meet the needs of the industry.
Philadelphia, PA
Distance Learning
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Business Practices / Contracts / HR
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1) Develop an understanding of the most current economic, political and financial
influences on the marketplace concerning Landscape Architectural firms operating
domestically and abroad.

2) Learn about the best practices in the industry on business operations, business
development/marketing, Human Resources management, leadership and ownership
transition strategies, etc.

3) Obtain insight into trends in the marketplace for landscape architects and how to best
position your firm for success.

4) Hear lessons learned on the challenges of leading and managing a landscape
architecture firm in today’s constantly changing business environment.

5) Hear about the latest trends in U.S. academic programs regarding enrollment, program
changes, and accreditations. Obtain insight into the changes in academia required to
meet the future needs of the profession.
Mark Johnson, FASLA
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