Building Strong Volunteer Partner Organizations: A Success Story

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Webinar presenters, representing Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, Great Outdoors Colorado (a COSC funder) and the Bureau of Land Management will share their perspectives on why they invested time and money in building a sustainable stewardship framework for Colorado and the direct benefits they expect to see. The workshop will showcase several tangible tools developed as part of the COSC’s recent 18-month statewide stewardship initiative designed to strengthen volunteer organizational capacity and more effectively measure the impact of stewardship work across multiple and diverse trail and other outdoor volunteer organizations. These tools are readily adaptable to any trail type for volunteer organizations who are interested in building stronger organizational systems to strengthen and sustain their volunteer capacity. The Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition (COSC), a collaboration of volunteer stewardship organizations and land managers, promotes stewardship of Colorado’s outdoors, elevating the awareness and engagement of the public in caring for the state’s outdoor spaces. Hosted by Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, the Coalition has been working since 2010 to document and promote the collective impact of outdoor volunteer stewardship.
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- Background on the Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition and its focus on building statewide capacity.
- Benefits of establishing a stewardship coalition and perspectives from a variety of stakeholders.
- Lessons learned related to establishing and maintaining coalition-based work.
- Tangible, replicable tools developed by the COSC to build volunteer stewardship capacity and quality on public lands.
- Information related to current efforts to build a nationwide stewardship coalition to enhance our collective voice and ability to better steward the nation’s trails.
Ann Baker Easley, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado; Dean Winstanley, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado; Chris Yuan Farrell, Great Outdoors Colorado; and Jack Placchi, Bureau of Land Management
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